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Filmop offers a wide range of flat mop system for all surfaces

A comprehensive flat mop system makes a significant difference in your facility's health and your floors’ appearance. Studies demonstrate that flat mop systems, especially when used with microfiber mop heads, optimize efficiency, enhance floor safety and provide savings in labor and material.

The conventional fibres only moves dirt, leaving the surface still partially dirty and wet. Microfiber attracts and holds dirty particles, leaving the surface always clean.

Top Clean System is a specific microfiber cleaning system based on pre impregnated mops, for desks, table-tops, walls and etc... in schools, canteens and cafeterias, offices, bars, restaurants and hotels. This cleaning system, made up of a plastic mop holder with hand grip and the specific microfiber mop head, guarantees optimal and better results concerning:
Higher performance: thanks to the excellent cleaning action of microfiber Reduction of actual labour time: the Top Clean system (compared to the simple use of the operator’s hand) covers a longer area (a length of 30 cm) and is much faster
Ergonomy: the mop holder with ergonomic hand grip is very handy and easy to use
Reduction of cross contamination: no contact between hands and dirty mop heads

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