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A very close and accurate research and planning have developped a line of trolleys that can be customized with images, special designs, pictures or brands, thus transforming, in a very completely original way, a simple service trolley into an advertising vehicle or into a trolley perfectly fitting the environment where it is used.

All standard trolleys are equipped with:

  • multipurpose tray, shelf and door stopper
  • base with 5th central wheel for a better resistance
  • supporting plate with 1 wheel for the highest stability
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High quality 100% made in Italy product


Customizable design


120-litre bag holder hygienic and ergonomic thanks to its push-grip and bumpers


Door with locking system with removable key and with ergonomic hand grip


Key compartment


Doors with a 270° opening for a better and simpler use during cleaning operations


Foldable bag holder to reduce the storage overall dimensions of the trolley

Combined cleaning systems

Versions for floor wet mopping and waste collection

With Master Lux system

With 20-litre bucket and mop

With Unilav system

Top-Down system and 8-litre buckets

Efficiency and design

Emotion let you express yourself out of the conventional patterns, meeting your specific cleaning needs and room service requests in an original and elegant way, keeping high quality standards.

Thanks to its several components Emotion trolley can be fully accessoried and, consequently, it is ideal for any cleaning need; not only for the change of dirtyclean linen, but also for room and bathroom cleaning, for waste collection and mini-bar refilling.

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