The new Minimum Environmental Criteria for cleaning and sanitizing services pay special attention to environmental product certifications as a guarantee of effective sustainability of the equipment.

To reduce environmental impact, Minimum Environmental Criteria specify that 30% of microfibre textiles used for cleaning floors, glass, mirrors and surfaces must have a UNI EN ISO 14024 compliant label, such as the EU Ecolabel, while exclusive use is a rewarding criterion. Moreover, to encourage materials recycling, trolleys must be equipped with buckets and containers made of plastic recycled at least 50% by weight. Products are compliant only if they have a certification confirming their recycled content, such as Plastic Second Life.


In a market where there are those who claim CAM compliance without having the necessary certifications, Filmop stands out for its wide range of certified products that fully meet the requirements of the Minimum Environmental Criteria. Many flat and reusable microfibers have obtained the prestigious EU Ecolabel certification, the European Union environmental quality mark that attests to the low environmental impact and high performance standards. In addition, the company offers a wide selection of products with certified Plastic Second Life components, including several lines of trolleys with buckets of different colors made from top quality polypropylene derived from recycling.

Nowadays it is not easy to find your way among the multitude of logos on the market and make a truly ecological choice, which is why it is essential to rely exclusively on authoritative certifications issued by independent bodies after careful evaluation. The EU Ecolabel and Plastic Second Life marks certify the quality of products and their low environmental impact, offering a truly unique guarantee.