Since its origins, Filmop International has been standing out for its work in the context of sustainability and has been taking many steps by reaching overtime several important results, including the achievement of the EU Ecolabel certification for several lines of mops.


The range of certified textile products is constantly growing: many microfibres have recently obtained the EU Ecolabel, including Micro-Activa mop for dusting and washing smooth surfaces, Puli-Scrub, Puli-Scrub Plus and Puli-Brush mops for cleaning rough surfaces and Duo Face Wash Basic double-sided mop for washing all types of floors.

The exclusive EU Ecolabel range also includes the new Duo Face Wash Basic / Brush and Duo Face Wash / Brush double-sided mops, ideal for washing non-slip floors: the polypropylene inserts quickly loosen even the most stubborn dirt, which is then captured by the microfibre, leaving a perfectly clean surface.