Cleaning helps the environment


To design and realize the best cleaning systems and solutions focusing on quality and innovation in full compliance with the environment where we are living: this has been Filmop phylosophy since the early 70’s, a company that has always been engaged in the production of eco-friendly professinal cleaning equipment since the beginning.


The advantages of Microfibre

Filmop offers a wide range of microfibre mops and cloths to clean effciciently any kind of surface: the very thin microfibre fibers penetrate into the grooves and pores of the floor, absorbing the dirt and releasing it only during the mop washing. The high capacity to collect dirt allows to remove germs and bacteria, assuring the highest hygiene.

Microfibre is not only efficient, but also environment-friendly: thanks to its high absorbing capacity it allows to save considerably the cleaning solution and offers a higher resistance to washings in comparison to the natural fibers, guaranteeing a long life cycle. Moreover, the whole range of mops is produced using exclusively solar energy deriving from photovoltaic plants installed in the headquarters, avoiding the emission of about 110 CO tons in the atmosphere per year.

The complete range includes the ultra-microfibre Rapido Super and Rapido Super Extra mops with EU Ecolabel certification, the European Union certification that rewards the best low environmental impact products.


plastica seconda vita


Green Mop-Soaking

Equodose is the machanical dosing device that allows to soak the mops on demand and directly on site: consequently, the operator can clean each area with a different and always clean mop, reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Equodose guarantees the saving of the cleaning solution: it is possible to soak only the required mops, in particular only the side of the mop that comes into contact with the surface that has to be cleaned. Furthermore, thanks to its dosing mechanism it is possible to regulate the cleaning solution from 50 to 350 ml according to one’s needs.

The dosing station has been designed in full compliance with the environment: there is no need of electricity and batteries that have to be disposed at the end of life. What’s more, being made of Polypropylene, it is completely recyclable at the end of its life cycle.


plastica seconda vita

The waste collection that makes the difference

Separate waste collection becomes easier thanks to AlphaSplit, the customizable trolley that offers up to 8different waste sections. Thanks to its 90-litre bag holder and its lower sliding drawer it is possible to get in just one waste collection area the necessary space for any king of waste, promoting innovation and environmental protection at the same time.

AlphaSplit is an eco-friendly trolley: its components are made of recycled plastic, certified PSV – Plastic Second Life by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics (IPPR).

The complete range of products for an easier and more efficient separate waste collection includes also several bins with colour-coding system, pleasing to the eye and easy to clean.


plastica seconda vita

The second life of plastic

Filmop engagement in creating environmentally friendly solutions has developed a wide range of products with PSV – Plastic Second Life certified components over time, designed to minimize the environmental impact, without giving up the high quality standards.

The company offers seven lines of multipurpose trolleys with wringer, five lines of bins and a wide range of buckets, whose components have been realized with suitable percentages of PSV recycled plastic, maitaining

the original coloursall the different versions and the quality standards that have always been the main issue of the entire production.

Filmop contributes concretely to reduce the environmental impact: it not only promotes the reuse of waste materials as raw material, but also the recycling of materials at the end of life; all plastic products are indeed completely recyclable.