Filmop has made it possible to achieve excellent cleaning results while reducing the environmental impact: the company has obtained for several textile products the prestigious EU Ecolabel certification, the European Union eco-label that rewards best eco-friendly products. Filmop Ecolabel range meets any cleaning need, ensuring high performances and low environmental impact.


Rapido Super and Rapido Super Extra ultra-microfibre mops are ideal for inside floor washing and disinfection: their extra-fine fibres penetrate deep into grooves and pores of the floor collecting and retaining dirt until mop washing. They guarantee a wide floor coverage thanks to the high absorbing power, leading to considerable cleaning solution saving.

Open-end cotton mop with 8 cm support is indicated for wet mopping of inside floors with a medium/high dirt degree. It is available with a band to guarantee perfect uniformity on the surface and avoid tangling of the yarn.

Master Lux with thick yarn and plastic support is indicated for inside floor washing in small areas. It is made with regenerated cotton waste, a natural fibre with high absorbency capacity.


The Ecolabel range has recently been enriched with another certified product: Twist Tuft microfibre mop is designed to guarantee high absorbency, effective dirt collection and good gliding effect for an effortless cleaning. The thickly interwoven fabric allows an optimal distribution of the cleaning solution on the fibre structure while the special closed-ring Tufting system ensures a longer life of the mop.