AlphaSplit trolleys, the latest development in Filmop range, are manufactured in an environmental friendly way as they are made with recycled plastic coming from selected and certified suppliers: our constant engagement towards the safeguard of environmental resources is easily recogniseable in the market thanks to the important PSV – Plastic Second Life certification.

Moreover, the most recent AlphaSplit models are designed to better organise the trolley spaces and concentrate in a reduced volume the most important cleaning activities. Thanks to the innovative 90-L bagholder with lower sliding drawer you can concentrate waste collection, floor mopping and storage in only 86x58 cm. Finally it is now possible to get an accessoried and multifunctional trolley without having to renounce the advantages of a minimal space, and to work in narrow environments, such as corridors, elevators, small rooms or offices.

But not only that: Filmop products have always been manufactured with a keen focus to efficiency in full respect of end-users’ ergonomy. To keep improving work posture it is now possible to have an innovative ergonomic push-bar in AlphaSplit trolleys. Thanks to its two button joints it is possible to articulate it at 180°, so the new push-bar allows to chose the ideal position according to the specific height of the user.