ErgoSwing: high performances, no effort


In the long term, repeated wrist strain and continuous improper posture can cause muscle-skeletal disorders and pathologies: supplying ergonomic cleaning equipment can make a difference in improving working conditions, reducing occupational disease.

Ergoswing elevate prestazioni zero sforzi

Filmop has realized ErgoSwing, an innovative dusting and mopping flat system consisting of telescopic handle with double turning grip and mop holder with ergonomic joint, designed for an easier “S” movement. The rotation mechanism of the upper grip can be locked any time you need to place the tool safely.

Ergoswing elevate prestazioni zero sforzi

The system easily cleans even the most difficult to reach places and guarantees less strain. Besides, the usability analysis carried out by an independent consulting company found that the effort made by operators while using ErgoSwing is very low. This is in stark contrast to standard systems, which require moderate to strong effort, reflecting the force used while cleaning. The notable reduction in effort with ErgoSwing leads to less fatigue and an increase in operator psychophysical well-being, resulting in higher productivity.

Ergoswing elevate prestazioni zero sforzi

Moreover, this study proves a significant reduction in wrist flexion and extension movements when compared with traditional systems: standard systems force the wrist to a full extension, while ErgoSwing limits wrist movement that remains below the maximum tolerance area (45°), therefore reducing strain and the consequent risk of work-related illnesses.

Finally, the study demonstrates that ErgoSwing allows you to maintain a correct posture while cleaning floors, preventing the onset of disorders and pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal system.