Filmop has obtained for several textile lines the EU Ecolabel certification, the eco-label that identifies the best products with low environmental impact after analysing their sustainability throughout their life cycle. The exclusive EU Ecolabel range has recently been enriched with the double-sided Duo Face Wash Basic mop for washing all types of floors and the new Duo Face Wash Basic / Brush and Duo Face Wash / Brush mops, ideal for non-slip floors.

plastica seconda vita

The Duo Face mops are the result of an accurate research that has engaged for a long time Filmop's R&D department to reach the excellence of the final result: a range of double-sided mops able to meet the most different cleaning needs, made with special microfibres completely Made in Italy and of the highest quality.

plastica seconda vita

The Duo Face mops ensure maximum performance in terms of resistance, hygiene, and efficiency: the two sides, made up of 100% cleaning surface, are connected by a special ultrasonic welding process that makes the mops more resistant thanks to the total absence of seams and more hygienic due to the absence of gaps where dirt and bacteria would inevitably accumulate. Besides, the double-sided mops are perfectly reversible, so that both sides can be used without distinction, doubling the cleaning result: while a traditional mop cleans about 25 m², a Duo Face mop can clean 50 m².

The unique range of double-sided mops is designed to be used with the Duo Face mop holder, with two flat reversible faces: the innovative combined system simplifies and optimises the cleaning of floors and vertical surfaces, doubling its efficiency.