FUR Line is the new special range of microfibers designed by Filmop to meet each different floor cleaning request in the best possible way and according to the degree of dirt and the type of surface to clean.

Smart-Fur is a white high absorbent microfiber mop that allows a fast floor drying. Ideal on indoor smooth floors, it is recommended to remove and collect dirt from floors with medium/low level of dirt. Good results are obtained also if Smart-Fur is used dry.

Thanks to its special grey nylon inserts Active-Fur guarantees the maximum sliding mop capacity, lowering the friction on the floor and reducing the operator’s efforts. This is the reason why it is specially advised to dust or wash both smooth and rough surfaces with medium/high level of dirt.

The FUR Line range of products, available with backing for velcro system, is produced with exclusively Made in Italy top-quality microfibers and is particularly suggested with disinfections systems for its high capacity to remove germs and bacteria.

Thanks to Filmop, hygiene becomes smart, active and power-full!