The new-generation trolleys


Drive is the exclusive range of motor-driven trolleys designed by Filmop International to help the operator during his cleaning activities: Drive allows to handle up to 150 Kg without any effort, easily facing any type of floor up to 8% slope.

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The motor-powered trolleys reduce the risk of injury to the musculoskeletal system, as they allow to use the maximum loading capacity without burdening on the operator during transport: thanks to the Drive range of trolleys it is possible to handle heavy loads without efforts, protecting health and preventing professional diseases. Moreover, the Drive trolleys don’t need any push and can be easily driven and handled also on difficult floors such as carpets or outdoor pavements.

The motor-driven trolleys are equipped with a practical and intuitive console and with a rechargeable battery that assures up to 8 hours autonomy in use and allows also to recharge tablets and mobile phones thanks to the integrated USB socket.

The Drive trolleys can be customized according to one’s specific needs: it is possible to choose the feed speed from 2 to 4,5 Km/h and indoor or outdoor wheels.

The motor-powered trolleys are available in the multipurpose Alpha Drive version and in the Alpha Hotel Drive and Emotion Drive versions, ideal for hotels: they assure an easier and noiseless environment and room cleaning.


plastica seconda vita