The advertising dedicated to ErgoSwing system passed with flying colours the Advertising Copy Test 2019, the quality analysis promoted by the trade magazine Reinigungs Markt that awards the best advertisements every year.

The survey carried out required the direct participation of the magazine's readers, who evaluated all the ads published in the June 2019 issue, expressing an opinion on certain criteria such as the ability to attract attentionpleasantnessinformation content and degree of activation.

The test conducted revealed how readers, verifying their understanding, satisfaction and effectiveness with the target audience, receive the ads. The data collected made it possible to identify the advertisements with the best communication skills.


“High performances, zero effort”: a successful campaign

Through this advertisement Filmop wanted to transmit simply and immediately the strengths of ErgoSwing: not only high performance, less fatigue and higher productivity but also the guarantee of maximum efficiency and safety of the new ergonomic system.

The images guide the reader in the discovery of the main features of ErgoSwing, highlighting its peculiarities: from the 360° rotation of the handles to follow the "S" movement to the mobility of the ergonomic joint that allows you to reach even the most hard-to-reach places, passing through the rotation locking mechanism that allows you to rest the tool safely.

Finally, the announcement highlights the effectiveness in preventing the onset of musculoskeletal disorders and pathologies that unfortunately continue to afflict a high percentage of cleaners.

"We are honoured by the award received," - said Francesca Zorzo, Marketing Manager of Filmop - "it is an immense gratification for us to know that the readers of Reinigungs Markt have welcomed the work done, recognizing its quality".