Prevention is in our hands


The whole world has been facing a sanitary emergency for a few months, that has required to adopt new approaches and take even stricter measures to protect the health of the entire community.

Hand hygiene has an important role in order to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus; this is the reason why all public places should always have hand sanitizing gel for hand desinfection.

Filmop offers discreet, handy and functional solutions specially developed to sanitize one’s hands simply and easily: the unique range offloor stands allows hands to be sanitized on site, counteracting the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

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Essentials for hand hygiene



Slim disinfection stand has been conceived to be used with Jolly Line, the handy dispenser with push-button and transparent tank to show and allow to monitor the disinfectant level. The dispenser has to be ordered separate and can be easily fixed thanks to the screws supplied with.

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Slim Plus

Slim Plus disinfection stand is supplied with Jolly Line dispenser and its inner cover meant to close the transparent tank and, consequently, to use alcohol based disinfectants avoiding evaporation. It is ideal for any environment, encouraging hand sanitizing on site.

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Besides Jolly Line dispenser for hand disinfectant gel, Advance stand disinfection offers a handy hollow space where to put a box with disposable gloves easily accessible. It asssures a high stability during use thanks to its strong and stable base.

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Display disinfection stand is used with pump dispenser disinfectants and can be equipped with a disposableglove box and one information desplay. Made with high-quality, strong material it assures a long-lasting life cycle.

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Slim Sensor

The Slim Sensor stand is designed to be used with Sensor, the exclusive dispenser with integrated optical sensor that allows the release of the disinfectant on the hands without any contact. It is equipped with a practical drip-saving plate that keeps surfaces clean.

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The Tank-Pedal stand with pedal pump guarantees the highest hygiene: it allows the dispensing of the disinfectant avoiding any contact between hands and the surface. Compatible with 5 L tanks, it is ideal for use in high traffic areas.

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