Filmop essentials for the restarting


In this new phase it is essential to ensure maximum hygiene through the sanitizing and disinfection of environments and to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection by adopting new measures and common practices.

As a manufacturer specialized for 40 years in the field of professional manual equipment, Filmop offers highly innovative, effective, and hygienic systems and products for a safe restarting.


A concrete help against bacteria

In order to better manage the restart it is essential to sanitise and disinfect regularly not only the areas but also the cleaning tools used: the equipment and trolleys, in fact, help the operator in carrying out the sanitising service but because of their function they can become a vehicle of infection and transmission of bacteria. Filmop's manual equipment and trolleys have always been made of high intensity polypropylene, making all components easy to clean. Moreover, they are characterized by non-porous surfaces that do not absorb dirt.

In addition to these important advantages, Filmop ensures maximum hygiene with A-B Plus: a complete system consisting of trolley, washing frame, telescopic handle and microfibres for cleaning floors and surfaces, treated with antibacterial additives to further protect them against the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and mould.

A-B Plus flat mop and Multi-T Cloth are made of microfibre treated with silver ions while the plastic components of A-B Plus equipment are treated with zinc pyrithione, both non-hazardous and regularly tested to ensure health protection.


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Fighting cross-contamination with disposable cloths

Rooms should be cleaned using a procedure to prevent cross-contamination and this can be done using a different cloth for each room. This good practice is made even easier by Quik-Stik and Mono-Micro, Filmop's disposable cloths that ensure maximum hygiene.

Quik-Stik cloths for dusters efficiently remove dust from all types of surfaces: they are made of a special non-woven fabric soaked in an adhesive substance that attracts, captures, and retains micro particles of dust and dirt.

Quik-Stik cloths for tools with rubber blades or sponge are ideal for dusting floors: the glue version completely removes even the smallest particle of dust and dirt, while the antistatic version features a special weave that guarantees optimal dusting of even the most delicate surfaces.

The Quik-Stik range ensures high sliding properties and leaves no residue on surfaces.

The Mono-Micro cloths are designed for washing all types of smooth interior floors: the microfibre version stands out for its high absorbency, easy release of the cleaning solution and high capacity to remove germs and bacteria, while the non-woven version with perforated weave ensures good sliding properties, excellent dirt collection and high washing autonomy.


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Solutions for the safe collection of PPE

Masks and gloves must be delivered after use in a separate container to prevent the dangerous spread of Covid-19: containers with lid and pedal are ideal for managing the collection of PPE waste as they keep potentially contaminated materials inside and avoid any contact between hands and surface, ensuring maximum hygiene.

Filmop offers a special range of practical, large, and strong containers, characterized by smooth surfaces to make them easy to clean and an ergonomic design that ensures maximum comfort of use. Each solution is equipped with a lid and pedal to ensure safe waste collection.

The range includes Delta, a plastic bag holding trolley with ergonomic push-bar, provided with two or four non-marking wheels according to the specific needs. The trolley is available in the Delta Compact version, ideal for narrow spaces thanks to its space-saving size.

Filmop offers another exclusive solution, highly ergonomic and user-friendly: Oyster is the first wall-mounted bin that can be released when needed to facilitate the emptying and cleaning operations.

Another professional solution designed to reduce operator’s efforts is Polaris Delux: this bin has a front door with 250° opening that allows taking out the bag in a practical way.

Filmop also offers Sirius, a light and shock-proof bin equipped with a handy cover: its 90° opening helps operator while emptying the container.

Lastly, the range includes Desy, a highly hygienic and safe bin with bag stretcher and cover designed to inhibit the sight of the contents.


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