Several factors can increase the risk of injury to the musculoskeletal system, including excessively heavy loads and strenuous activities. Pushing trolleys can damage the back, shoulders and arms over time, with serious consequences, so prevention is essential.

Using equipment that facilitates transport without causing strain on the operator is essential to prevent professional illnesses arising from the manual handling of heavy loads: providing cleaning trolleys designed to facilitate operations and reduce effort ensures the protection of the health and well-being of the operator.


Why should you choose a motorised trolley?

Musculoskeletal disorders, also due to the need to move heavy loads, represent the largest percentage of occupational diseases in the professional cleaning sector. The motorised trolley prevents their onset as it allows heavy loads to be moved without effort. Moreover, carrying loads on slopes can be risky for the operator's safety: in this regard, the motorised trolley guarantees maximum safety when handling heavy loads up and down various degrees of slope. Finally, many flooring can hinder the movement of traditional cleaning trolleys: otherwise, the motorised trolley is easy to drive and manoeuvre even on surfaces that can create difficulties such as outdoor flooring or carpeting.

Power and safety guaranteed

Filmop's range of motorized trolleys

Drive is the exclusive range of motorized trolleys designed to facilitate the operator and speed up cleaning activities: with Drive, it is possible to take advantage of the maximum capacity of the trolley, making movements faster without burdening the operator.

Filmop's motorised trolleys can handle up to 150 kg without any effort, easily facing any flooring with a gradient of up to 8%. They do not require any additional pushing and offer the same manoeuvrability as traditional trolleys.

They are equipped with a practical and intuitive console that makes them easy to operate and a rechargeable lithium battery that ensures up to 8 hours of autonomy in use. You can use the battery power to recharge tablets and mobile phones thanks to the integrated USB socket.

They can be customised according to specific needs; in fact, it is possible to choose the feed speed from 2 to 4.5 Km/h and the indoor or outdoor wheels.

All motorised trolleys have a parking brake that allows the loaded trolley to be stopped even when driving uphill, a simple and immediate emergency STOP system and a different acceleration for forward and reverse motion.

Drive trolleys are available in Alpha Drive, Alpha Hotel Drive and Emotion Drive versions to meet all cleaning requirements and are particularly suitable for use in environments where it is required to operate quietly, such as hospitals and hotels, as they ensure maximum silence.

Power and safety guaranteed