A leader Italian company in the professional cleaning market

Filmop was founded in the early 70s as a company specialized in the manufacturing of manual cleaning equipment for professional use.

Located in the main production areas in the North East of Italy, it is a leading company in the professional cleaning market and a reliable partner for thousands of professional people who operate in this field, proud to develop the “Made in Italy” trademark all over the world.

Today Filmop International exports to over 80 countries worldwide with the maximum speed, reliability and efficiency.


Filmop International has always been inspired by the following main principles, that are surely behind its growth and development:

  • an important spur to innovation and research
  • a constant attention towards customer’s satisfaction
  • unequalled production flexibility
  • a considerable quick order processing with very fast and on time deliveries

Filmop International primary goal is to design and create the best cleaning systems to meet all the different needs in the market, placing at the centre of any new project the wellbeing and health of people in the full respect for the environment.


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The quality of the products and services offered by the company is guaranteed by the following certifications:

Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Filmop bases its growth on an organized business system with efficient management, suitable facilities and adequate skills.

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Environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

Filmop has chosen to implement an environmental management system to control the impacts of its activities on the ecosystem.

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Second Life Plastics

Filmop offers a wide range of trolleys, bins and buckets with components made using recycled plastics.

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EU Ecolabel

Filmop has obtained for many cloths, mops, flat mops and kentucky mops the eco-label that rewards the best environmentally sustainable products by qualifying them on the market.


EU Ecolabel

Filmop has been awarded the Type I environmental label for some Alpha models, which identifies the best products from a sustainability point of view.

Carbon Footprint Systematic Approach

Filmop has obtained the certification of the system for calculating the climate footprint of the trolleys, carried out in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14067:2018.

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Its achievements in terms of environment, sustainable procurement, ethics, labour practices and human rights were recognised by EcoVadis, which awarded Filmop the silver medal.

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Leading company for sustainable development

In an age in which the preservation of our environment is the world top priority, Filmop International is strongly engaged and oriented towards a policy of sustainable development.

Filmop contribution to these important goals finds fulfilment in its engagement:

  • to make the most of each person as a human being: the company has a modern and avant-garde structure with wide offices featuring individual booths and working tools, respecting healthcare laws, bright warehouses and industrial machines in compliance with workers’ safety. Moreover, Filmop is strongly committed against the exploitation of minors’ work, has a steady attention to job opportunities to people with disabilities and can boast a staff with long term seniority (15 - 20 years).
  • to protect the environment: today, compared to the past time, there are surely the means and knowledge to make conscious choices for environment preservation. Favouring products in compliance with EU laws and manufactured by certified companies can really make the difference.

Filmop and environment preservation

Since the very beginning the company has indeed undertaken a clear path towards eco-sustainability.

Many are the steps that translate the green soul of Filmop International into several concrete and certified results:

  • Company and product environmental certifications: ISO 14001, EU ECOLABEL, PSV, CARBON FOOTPRINT SYSTEMATIC APPROACH, ECOVADIS
  • Selection of qualified suppliers according to REACH regulation: non-polluting and high-quality raw materials
  • Use of certified materials with recycled origin: recycling of raw materials
  • Development of products and systems the use of which reduces impact on the ecosystem: 100% recyclable at end-of-life
  • Self-suffency in energy with personal photovoltaic plant: use of clean solar energy, low CO2 emission
  • Efficient organization of waste separate collection and leftovers deriving from production processes: reduction of waste production, recovery of materials


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