Filmop presents Easy Wash, the compact and handy system designed to make cleaning extremely easy, convenient and fast thanks to the innovative and carefully studied design.

Composed of a touch-free mop holder, microfiber mop and bucket with wringer, it is particularly suitable for washing horizontal and vertical surfaces in small areas.


Mop holder and mop

Easy Wash facilitates cleaning, protecting health and ensuring maximum hygiene: the innovative system of fixing and releasing the mop simplifies and speeds up operations, avoiding repeated bending over time and consequent fatigue. In addition, the system is designed to eliminate any direct contact with hands, combating the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria.

The Energy-Fur microfiber mop features high absorbency that ensures a long washing autonomy and effectiveness in removing dirt while the special micro-flaps are designed to keep it fixed to the mop holder, thus avoiding accidental release during use.


Bucket and wringer

Easy Wash stands out for its ergonomic design, specially studied to facilitate the different operations: the wide opening of the bucket facilitates filling, the special shape of the wringer makes wringing simple and intuitive, while the practical rear handle facilitates the grip during emptying. Finally, the integrated handle hook allows easy attachment of the tool keeping it fixed to the bucket.

The polypropylene composition ensures high resistance to shocks and frequent use, resulting in a long life.



Commitment to sustainability

Easy Wash is eco-friendly: its polypropylene structure and the absence of metal components make it completely recyclable at the end of its life.

In addition, the Energy-Fur microfiber, produced with solar energy, considerably reduces the consumption of water and chemicals resulting in a lower environmental impact.