Designing and manufacturing the best cleaning systems focusing on quality and innovation while respecting the environment in which we live. This approach has driven Filmop since the early '70s, a company dedicated since the beginning to the production of sustainable equipment for professional cleaning.


Advantages of microfiber

Filmop offers a wide selection of microfiber mops to clean every kind of surface with maximum efficiency: the very thin filaments penetrate into the microporosity of the floor capturing the dirt and releasing it only during the washing phase. The high collection capacity also allows you to remove efficiently the bacteria present on the surfaces, ensuring maximum hygiene.


Microfiber is not only effective but also sustainable: it saves a lot of cleaning solution thanks to its high absorbency and is more resistant to washing than natural yarns, ensuring a long life cycle. In addition, the entire range is produced using only solar energy obtained from the photovoltaic system installed at the company's headquarters, thus avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of about 110 tons of CO2 per year.


Green soaking

Equodose is the mechanical dosing device that allows soaking mops on demand, directly on the trolley: the operator can clean each area with a new and always clean mop, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Equodose provides savings of cleaning solution: only the mops really needed are soaked, and only the part that comes into contact with the surface to be cleaned is soaked. In addition, the dosing mechanism allows you to precisely adjust the amount of solution from 50 to 350 ml, depending on the surface to be cleaned.


The dosing device is designed to respect the environment: it does not require the use of electricity and does not need batteries that must be disposed of at the end of its life. Moreover, its polypropylene composition makes it recyclable at the end of its life.


A new life for plastic

Filmop's commitment to the development of sustainable solutions has resulted over time in a wide range of products with PSV - Second Life Plastic - certified components, designed to minimize the environmental impact while maintaining high quality standards.

The company offers several lines of washing and multi-purpose trolleys, many bins and a wide range of buckets with components made with high percentages of recycled plastic PSV, maintaining original colors, variety of models and the quality that has always distinguished the entire production.


Filmop helps concretely to reduce the environmental impact: it not only promotes the reuse of waste materials as raw material but also the recycling of materials at the end of their life, all products made of plastic are in fact completely recyclable.


Collection that makes a difference

Filmop makes separate waste collection easier with AlphaSplit, the customizable trolley that offers up to 8 different sections to separate waste. Thanks to the 90 L bag holder with removable lower drawer, it is possible to obtain the right space for each type of waste in a single collection area of the trolley, promoting innovation and environmental protection at the same time.

AlphaSplit is an eco-sustainable trolley: it has recycled plastic components, certified PSV - Second Life Plastic by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics (IPPR).


The range of products for simpler and more effective separate collection also includes a number of color-coded bins that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.