The Eco Multi-T ultra-microfibre multi-purpose cloth stands out for its efficiency and environmental sustainability: suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces and environments, it completely removes dust and dirt, trapping even the smallest particle. Used dry it cleans surfaces by polishing them, used wet with water or detergent it provides deep cleaning.


Tests by an independent external laboratory show that Eco Multi-T, when used wet, removes Coronavirus 229E from steel surfaces with a reduction capacity of 99.9 per cent, thus confirming its high effectiveness in viral removal as well.

The optimal collection capacity and high absorption, five times the weight of the cloth, significantly reduce the use of cleaning agents and thus the related costs. They also save water as well as chemicals, in line with CAM in civil and healthcare environments.

Available colour-coded, making it easy to identify the correct area to be cleaned to which the corresponding cloth should be matched, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

Eco Multi-T is a product with a low environmental impact: it passed with flying colours the test on the release of microplastics during washing and rinsing, carried out according to ISO 4484-1 and 4484-2 by a specialised laboratory. In addition, it has obtained EU Ecolabel certification, the environmental label in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14024 that rewards the best eco-sustainable products by qualifying them on the market. The prestigious label was awarded after analysing the sustainability of the cloth over its entire life cycle through a very selective set of parameters established by the European Community.