What are the advantages and possible weaknesses of today's cleaning systems and how do they stand out against machines?


Our experts answer.

What are the main advantages of traditional cleaning systems?

Let us focus on the professional solution that offers more benefits: flat cleaning systems guarantee a larger washing surface compared to the traditional ones, with proven advantages in terms of efficiency and time and energy saving. If well designed, they make cleaning extremely quicker and lighter: flat cleaning systems facilitate surface and floor dusting and washing while ensuring optimal performance; besides, they easily reach every corner and confined space. Finally, their ease of use reduces training times compared to machines.

Not all flat cleaning systems are the same, only those with cutting-edge design offer these important advantages. The challenge for professional cleaning is continuously evolving and developing highly innovative systems capable of responding to ever-changing needs while maintaining all the characteristic strengths offered by manual equipmen


Is the fact that mops require no power source a major benefit in today’s environmentally-aware world?

Today more than ever before, something is changing in the market: there is more awareness than in the past and customers have started looking for more eco-friendly products. It is well known that using manual equipment significantly reduces the environmental impact and the fact that cleaning systems do not require electricity or power supply makes them eco-sustainable solutions. In addition, choosing microfiber mops allows avoiding waste of water thanks to the high absorbent power that characterizes the special yarn. Not only sustainability: these important advantages also minimize the cleaning costs while increasing its efficiency.


Are cleaning systems particularly good for quick clean-ups and for timely removal of spot dirt?

They clean effortlessly even the smallest spaces and easily pass through environments full of obstacles thanks to their compact and light structure; this is why they are ideal for quick clean-ups as well as for spot intervention.

Cleaning systems with tank handle are ideal for timely operations: in this regard, ErgoDrop is the perfect ally. The tank handle is always ready to use representing an optimal solution in all situations where quick and immediate intervention is required.


In what types of situation is a mop the best option? What are the disadvantages of mops, if any

They are the best option when fast and thorough cleaning is required, they are also particularly suitable for washing and dusting floors in confined spaces or full of furniture. In addition, Filmop mop holders with Lock system overcome every limit since they allow you to easily clean also walls and ceilings: the exclusive Lock system can be switched on and off by simply pushing up or down the locking device with one's foot, without contact with hands and bending.

Cleaning systems can have weaknesses if they are not well designed: for example, a not very ergonomic design increase effort, leading to the onset of occupational diseases over time. In addition, they might leave the floor damp if the mop is too wet, leading to unpleasant halos that compromise the cleaning result.


How can these issues be addressed and rectified?

First of all, it is pivotal paying attention to ergonomics and user-friendliness when designing cleaning equipment to safeguard operator health. ErgoSwing, Filmop professional system consisting of a telescopic handle with turning grip and a mop holder with ergonomic joint, is the ideal solution to guarantee less strain and increased productivity, together with better performances.

Combining cutting-edge cleaning systems with the mechanical dosing device Equodose or the wringer Boost allows to always getting the desired result in terms of soaking of the mop, avoiding halos due to the presence of excessive dampness on the floor. Thanks to these innovative products, it is possible to regulate the level of detergent solution according to the degree of humidity you want to obtain, the type of mop in use and the surface to clean, thereby reducing costs.


Do you think mops will make a resurgence in today’s new climate where costs need to be controlled? Or do you think mops will continue to be used alongside machines in congested areas and for quick clean-ups?

There will always be room for cleaning systems as they allow you to effectively and quickly clean any environment, including corners and hard-to-reach surfaces. In addition, they easily clean also walls and ceilings if equipped with the convenient Lock System.

Cleaning systems also overcome machine limits due to their size and management costs, minimize environmental impact since they do not need electricity, and prevent water waste, therefore they represent an excellent investment.