Which are the main needs of the food service industry when it comes to cleaning and which tools are best suited to meet them?

Our experts answer.

What do you consider to be the main challenges involved with cleaning in food preparation areas?

When we talk about foodstuff, hygiene becomes a priority: in all environments directly in contact with food, it is essential to effectively remove dirt as well as bacteria present on the surface, thus preventing their spread. The main goal in these delicate environments is to supply suitable tools to guarantee a high hygiene standard and a thorough and long-lasting level of cleanliness.


Does cleaning need to be carried out during food service times to ensure that all surfaces are cleanined and sanitised?

Rapidity in cleaning is crucial, especially during food service times: implementing quick and efficient operations with non-bulky and easy-to-transport equipment allows to promptly restore the hygienic and sanitary conditions, the maintenance of which is necessary in all environments dedicated to food preparation.

Accidental liquid leaks must also be managed promptly by taking action rapidly and effectively. Thanks to Dry-Up, this issue can be finally solved: the special highly-absorbent disposable cloth traps up to 1000 ml in just a few seconds, ensuring a safe removal without any further leakage or dripping.


What are the logistical issues involved with cleaning when staff members are present and when food spoilage needs to be avoided?

Cleaning while staff members prepare food requires the use of compact and easy-to-handle equipment so as not to interfere with ongoing activities. Furthermore, it is necessary to choose products that avoid food contamination, for example it is not possible to use sprays for the particles that would be released into the air.


Do issues such as a lack of sockets and a shortage of space mean that cordless, compact cleaning machines are required in the kitchen?

Manual equipment allows cleaning easily also in a shortage of space and in absence of electricity. Mopping systems work at ease where cleaning machines hardly pass: they operate in restricted spaces, getting into every corner and hard-to-reach areas. In addition, are particularly suitable for timely operations, representing the ideal solution for emergency cleaning.


Do the types of surfaces typically found in a kitchen present any specific cleaning challenges?

Tiles are a challenge: their cleaning is not so easy and the risk of damaging them is high. With Fuginator, it is possible to quickly clean tile grout, cracks and joints while preserving them: the special brush is designed to effectively remove dirt and surface mold, easily reaching every corner. The smoothness of the bristles ensures high performance while the ergonomic handle allows cleaning effortlessly, preventing fatigue. Fuginator is in line with the requirements of the HACCP legislation and it can be sterilized up to 120°C. Combined with the handle, it allows you to reach high surfaces maintaining a correct posture during operations.


Do food safety regulations mean that certain chemicals and wipers need to be avoided?

Current regulations indicate that it is not possible to use plastics and microfibers that contain heavy metals. Our products do not contain harmful substances: they are made exclusively with non-polluting and high-quality raw materials deriving from selected and qualified suppliers.


Is it important that cleaning is carried out swiftly to enhance productivity?

It is pivotal to respond promptly to cleaning needs, restoring hygiene as quickly as possible during food preparation. At the same time, it is necessary to equip with ergonomic cleaning systems capable of reducing fatigue to increase productivity.

In this regard, Filmop has realised ErgoSwing, an innovative system consisting of telescopic handle with turning grip and mop holder with ergonomic joint designed for easy "S" movement. The ErgoSwing usability analysis carried out by an independent consulting company demonstrates a significant reduction in wrist flexion and extension movements when compared with traditional systems: the notable reduction in effort leads to less fatigue and an increase in operator well-being, resulting in higher productivity.


What products does Filmop offer that are particularly suited to the food preparation sector? How do they help to solve the problems typically found in these types of environments?

ErgoDrop is ideal for floor cleaning in small to medium environments, including those dedicated to food preparation. Lightweight, practical and easy to use, the ergonomic system cleans every surface in an instant and it is ideal in all situations where fast and immediate intervention is required. ErgoDrop allows dosing accurately the necessary quantity of cleaning solution according to the surface to clean and the dirt degree, preventing accidental spillage thanks to the special tank closing system.

Filmop has recently realised another compact and handy system particularly suitable for washing horizontal and vertical surfaces in small areas: composed of a touch-free mop holder, microfiber mop and bucket with wringer, Easy Wash makes cleaning extremely easy and fast. It simplifies and speeds up operations, avoiding repeated bending over time and consequent fatigue. In addition, the system eliminates any direct contact with hands while detaching mop, ensuring maximum hygiene.