A concentrate of useful insights, practical advice and up-to-date information: this is Filmop's website, a valuable resource resulting from the need to make the product range freely accessible while sharing the experience gained in 40 years of activity.

Commercial, healthcare, hospitality, food, education and industrial: Filmop's website is full of content specifically designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of different sectors, which share the need to ensure clean and healthy environments.



Many possibilities

There are many possibilities for deeper exploration: the recently updated Products section allows you to explore the wide product range, finding out for each product its characteristics, technical information and applications. From the Systems section, on the other hand, you can find a selection of professional cleaning solutions that stand out for their high innovative content, and examine the wide range options and application procedures. The Sectors section contains tips on the ideal equipment depending on the area of application and the environment to be cleaned, while the Magazine section contains many articles on products, news and goals. Finally, in the Media section you can download catalogues and certifications and you can view product videos and tutorials.


An updated search

Important new features have been introduced in the Products section, the online space where you can browse through the many articles in the range and find the strengths and technical data of each one. First, the contents of the product pages have been updated and integrated to offer a complete overview, from CAM compliance to certifications obtained, passing through the tests carried out and their results. In addition, the search now features a comprehensive set of filters designed to facilitate navigation, including:

  • filter NEW, to identify the new products among the 800 products currently available;
  • filter SYSTEM, to select the most suitable system from the many available (Click Safe, ErgoSwing, Globo...);
  • filter SOLUTION, to choose the solution best suited to different needs such as minimum space requirements, time optimisation and contamination risk;
  • filter ECO BOX, to identify at a glance the eco-sustainable products including those certified Plastic Second Life or EU Ecolabel and those whose environmental impact can be quantified with the Carbon Footprint Systematic Approach.


Always available and freely downloadable, technical data sheets enrich this section with all the information on each product.