Finally, it is possible to quickly clean tile grout, cracks and joints, without damaging the tiles: the special Fuginator brush is designed to effectively remove dirt and surface mold, easily reaching every corner.


The smoothness of the bristles ensures high performance and maximum efficiency while the ergonomic handle allows to clean effortlessly.

The new brush is also available in the version with a joint to meet every cleaning need: combined with the Drop tank handle or the telescopic handle, it allows you to quickly clean large surfaces and easily reach those in height. In both cases, it allows you to maintain a correct position during operations, preventing fatigue.


The unique 180 ° articulation of the joint allows to easily clean the most hard-to-reach areas such as under furniture.

Fuginator resists shocks and does not deform with use, ensuring a long life cycle. When necessary, it can be easily replaced thanks to the threaded coupling system.