Uni-Connect connects instantly and safely all cleaning equipment for different areas, from glass to floors and surfaces. The universal, instant and secure connection allows you to get everywhere, even in the hard-to-reach places.


Unlimited connection for all equipment

Window squeegees and window washers for glass cleaning, hand dusters and cobweb brushes for surfaces, mop holders and mops for floors: the operator can quickly switch from one tool to another using the same handle.

The Uni-Connect end cone allows the telescopic handle to be attached to any cleaning equipment in an instant. The cone is also available in the pole version for conveniently cleaning glass and generally inaccessible surfaces without ladders.

Uni-Connect is incredibly simple and fast. The end cone is attached instantly without any complicated procedure. Removing the tool from the handle is likewise easy and quick.

The end cone is specially designed to hook securely onto the tools, keeping them attached during cleaning operations, thus preventing dangerous unhooking. With Uni-Connect, the tool remains hooked even when exerting pressure.


Complete and always well-organised trolleys

Uni-Connect allows the mop holders to be unhooked in the holder on the trolley, so that the handle can be used with another tool. Release is immediate without requiring any hand contact, simply insert the mop holder into the holder and then pull out the handle.

The Uni-Connect fitting can be applied to the side walls and vertical frames of Alpha multi-purpose trolleys, it allows the mop holders to be placed in a specific area, keeping them firmly attached while until next use. Likewise, the OneFred wringer trolley versions with integrated connection allow the required equipment to be always at hand, switching quickly from one tool to another.