The telescopic handle can become a reliable helper if you know how to adjust it. It is not only an excellent tool to reach higher areas easily without the help of ladders but also the optimal solution to clean floors without having muscle pain over time. The special feature of the telescopic handle lies in the fact that it can be lengthened or shortened, adapting it not only to the task to be performed as in the case of cleaning high areas but also to the height of each operator, protecting his or her health.


The adoption over time of inadequate postures represents one of the main risk factors in the onset of problems and illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal system: a simple gesture such as adjusting the telescopic handle to the height of the operator helps to prevent their onset, resulting in a great benefit in terms of psychophysical well-being. Adjusting the length making the upper grip reach the chin is the correct way to proceed and allows you to maintain proper posture during cleaning.


In addition to this important advantage, Filmop offers another one that is just as important: the ErgoSwing version of the telescopic handle is enhanced with two special twist grips that, together with the mop holder with ergonomic fitting, facilitate the "S" movement and reduce the operator's efforts accordingly. The usability analysis of the ErgoSwing system conducted by a specialized consulting company found a significant reduction in wrist flexion and extension movements compared with traditional systems, resulting in less strain and higher productivity.