Equipment and procedures: an inseparable pair that directly influences room cleaning and the level of hygiene. Using products and systems that are up to the tasks required is certainly the first step, but it is equally important to follow effective procedures in order not to run the risk of compromising the final result.


Floor cleaning is a task that is as important as it is delicate and must be carried out with appropriate equipment, following a well-defined procedure. First of all, to achieve optimal distribution of the detergent or disinfectant, it is recommended to start at the door and sweep the mop to the opposite side, in this way a strip of solution is released in the middle of the room, soaking it with each swipe.

Then, you proceed backwards in S-shaped movements, drawing from the solution strip initially created. The ErgoSwing system is ideal for carrying out this type of operation as it facilitates movement by considerably reducing effort thanks to its rotating handles and ergonomic joint.


Finally, to prevent the dangerous spread of viruses and bacteria, it is recommended to use one mop per room, or in any case up to 20-25 square metres, replacing it with another clean one afterwards. Touch-free systems such as Globo and Click Safe help to maintain a high level of hygiene as they allow used mops to be removed without touching them with the hands, thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination

When it comes to floor cleaning, attention must be paid not only to the procedure but also to the frequency with which it is carried out: a neglected floor will tend to deteriorate over time and will wear out even more quickly if it is subjected to high traffic.