Pre-soaking involves preparing a stock of mops before their use, usually in specific rooms, using Top-Down hermetic buckets or plastic drawers. This previous soaking method has important advantages compared to the systems based on wringing. First of all, it reduces the risk of cross-contamination as it allows the use of always clean detergent solution and one mop per room. It also ensures greater control in the use of the chemical, resulting in less waste than traditional bucket and mop systems. Finally, as there is no need for wringers, it requires less effort from the operator, which means reduced costs due to injuries and illnesses.


Available in different capacities and colours, Top-Down buckets are equipped with a hermetic cover and handle for easy transport. The 8-, 10- and 20-litre versions can be used with the pierced grid to ensure even distribution of the detergent solution, thus speeding up soaking time. In addition, the 20-litre version can also be combined with the reducer, which is ideal for keeping the mops tightly packed inside the bucket and facilitating the attachment to the washing tool.

The drawers are also available in different capacities and can be used with perforated grids with or without a raised edge to achieve even distribution of the detergent solution. They can also be used with their plastic cover.


Both pre-soaking systems are available in the A-B Plus version, characterised by treatment with antibacterial additives that inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, moulds and fungi.

Buckets and drawers can be used individually and in combination with the multi-purpose trolleys Apha, Alpha A-B Plus, Morgan, Vega and Arka.