Keeping high standards of hygiene requires managing the risk of cross-contamination, especially in critical environments such as healthcare, where microorganisms circulate frequently and users are more vulnerable.

The protection of operators' health, who are primarily engaged in restoring hygienic conditions, is equally important. The equipment used should prevent hand contact with dirt and at the same time prevent the onset of occupational diseases due to repetitive stressful movements and wrong postures.

Click Safe helps achieve both goals: the touchless system consisting of foldable mop holder and bucket with cover makes cleaning easier, more hygienic and safer.


Guaranteed hygiene

Click Safe avoids the operator's hands becoming vehicles for bacteria and viruses: the special system allows the used mop to be detached without ever coming into contact with dirt. The operator does no longer have to touch the dirty fibres during mop removal; with Click Safe, simply pull the mop holder out of the cover to release the used mop into the bucket. The special meshbag completes the job: placed in the bucket, it collects used mops making emptying and handling of laundry operations even faster and more hygienic.

Similarly, the mop holder hooks the mop without requiring the operator to touch it with his hands, thus ensuring a high level of hygiene from the beginning to the end of the cleaning procedure.



Health protection

Click Safe avoids continuous bending and incorrect postures that contribute to an increased risk of musculoskeletal problems and diseases: the innovative system is specially designed to prevent fatigue and the subsequent onset of pain. The operator does not have to constantly bend over to pick up the used mops from the floor as they are collected directly into the bucket. The removal takes place with a simple movement, without any strain on the operator and compromising his health over time.

Even the fitting operation is effortless: the mop holder clips on the mop instantly and it is immediately ready to clean, without any complicated set-up procedures.


High flexibility

Click Safe is compatible with the entire range of 40 cm mops and disposable cloths with pockets, thus allowing you to choose the most appropriate textile for the type of floor and the degree of dirt.

The touchless system can also be used together with the Alpha and A-B Plus multi-purpose trolleys and the Equodose and Top-Down soaking systems, thus allowing you to take advantage of a complete solution designed to facilitate cleaning operations and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.