Filmop offers a wide variety of microfibers designed to meet the specific needs of each type of surface and environment, ensuring thorough cleaning in all instances: the very thin filaments that characterize the entire range penetrate the microporosity capturing the smallest particles of dirt and then releasing them during textile washing.

For environments that require the maintenance of a high level of hygiene, Filmop offers additional security with the Multi-T A-B Plus cloth for wet or dry cleaning of surfaces and the A-B Plus mops for dusting, washing and disinfecting indoor floors. The microfiber used is treated with silver ions to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and avoid cross-contamination, thus representing the ideal solution for reducing the spread of bacterial infections.


There is scientific evidence of its effectiveness: tests carried out according to ISO 20743:2013 by an accredited Independent Verification Company found strong antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria, which is guaranteed for the entire life cycle of the products. In addition, tests by an independent external laboratory attest that A-B Plus mops, when used wet, are able to remove Coronavirus 229E from steel surfaces with a 99.9 percent reduction capacity.

A-B Plus cloths and mops are CAM-compliant: environmental requirements identify microfiber as the optimal solution for cleaning and sanitizing operations and prefer it compared to other fibers because it can reduce water and chemical consumption by 95 percent due to its high absorbency.

A-B Plus microfibers are part of a complete cleaning system including mop holders and trolleys whose plastic components are treated with antibacterial additives in order to protect them against bacteria, mold and fungal growth.