Designed for professional window drying, the Gloss-W squeegee window excels in performance, convenience and hygiene while offering significant advantages: each component has been carefully designed to facilitate operations and optimize time, thus ensuring maximum efficiency as well as effective cleaning.


The hard rubber blade cleans the surface with the first wipe, which saves time and therefore costs. High precision is provided by the perfectly linear cut made with advanced technology, resulting in a surface free of imperfections. Resistance to frequent use, on the other hand, is provided by the vulcanisation treatment that ensures a long service life. Finally, the closed-cell rubber realisation prevents dirt and bacteria from settling in, preventing contamination of the surfaces with which it is in contact. The blade can be easily replaced in the event of wear, extending the life of the squeegee.

The stainless steel handgrip is extremely durable and stainless, and is enhanced by a non-slip coating that ensures a firm and secure grip in all conditions. Its special design allows uniform pressure to be exerted over the entire length of the blade, resulting in complete and residue-free drying, while the spring makes rubber replacement quick and easy.


Gloss-W offers maximum flexibility: the window squeegee can be used as a single component or combined with the telescopic handle or pole to clean hard-to-reach surfaces, the Uni-Connect cone allows it to be attached, giving the operator the freedom to clean safely without ladders.