Cleaning of healthcare facilities requires appropriate equipment, especially in areas intended for MRI: the presence of magnetizable material can severely compromise the proper functioning of the instruments present.

Starting from this assumption, Filmop has designed a multi-purpose trolley unique in its genre, as it is totally metal-free, including wheels, supports and the smallest components such as screws and pins: this feature allows Alpha Metal Free to access freely and safely in MRI areas and in any environment where it is not allowed access with magnetizable equipment.


The innovative trolley represents the ideal solution for cleaning in the healthcare sector: it guarantees maximum safety and gives complete freedom of movement while preventing accidents.

Relying on Alpha Metal Free means making an eco-sustainable choice: the trolley is made in part with plastic components certified PSV – “Plastica Seconda Vita” (Second Life Plastic), obtained with the use of recycled plastics derived exclusively from selected and qualified suppliers.


The special composition minimizes the environmental impact while maintaining a high quality standard: it ensures a high resistance to frequent use and a long life; it confers lightness to the trolley and makes it totally recyclable at the end of its life.