When dealing with cleaning mop holders, an innovative joint design can overcome the structural and ergonomic limits of traditional products.This is well known by Filmop's R&D department, which has developed two systems that excel in terms of functionality and usability.


Change perspective with Lock System

Cleaning vertical surfaces has always been a challenge that is difficult to overcome without proper tools; in fact, traditional mop holders do not allow you to reach and clean them in the same way as horizontal surfaces.

Lock System is a flawless ally designed to get everywhere while always ensuring high performance, no matter the type of surface: with the same mop holder, the operator can easily clean floors as well as walls and ceilings, activating or deactivating the Lock System technology with a single gesture that requires no effort or hand contact. A simple foot operation is all it takes to lock or unlock the joint, conveniently switching from one operation to another without bending over.
Activating the Lock System prevents lateral movement of the joint, with clear advantages in terms of cleaning: the mop holder adheres perfectly to vertical surfaces, thus optimizing dirt collection.

lock system


Clean without any effort with ErgoSwing

Continued inappropriate posture and extensive wrist flexion-extension repeated over time are two risk factors in the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders and pathologies.

The ergonomic ErgoSwing joint is designed to accompany the "S" movement with ease, easily reaching even hard-to-reach areas such as under furniture. Combined with the special telescopic handle with turning grips, it greatly reduces the operator's efforts while protecting his or her health.

The usability analysis of the ErgoSwing system performed by a specialized consulting firm found the maintenance of correct posture during floor cleaning operations and a significant reduction in wrist flexion and extension movements compared to traditional systems: this results in less fatigue and increased operator well-being, which means higher productivity.