Professional glass cleaning has a new ally at its side: the fixed polypropylene holder is characterised by numerous grooves that fill with cleaning solution and then gradually release it while the glass is being washed, thus ensuring long-lasting cleaning. It can be used manually or in combination with handles and poles equipped with a Uni-Connect end cone to quickly and safely reach higher surfaces.


The new holder combines with the unique window washer range to provide greatly improved performance compared to traditional sponges. The ever ongoing search for better-performing materials and yarns has enabled us to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The current range is characterised in particular by its excellent collection capacity and long washing autonomy. The washer heads with short yarn are designed to remove and trap dirt on the surface, while those with long yarn are distinguished by their characteristic absorption. Finally, the versions with an abrasive fibre side make it easy to remove stubborn dirt from glass without scratching it.