Practical and functional, Twice is the ideal solution for professional floor wet mopping in medium to large areas: the 30-liter bucket with wringer made of shockproof plastic has two compartments that keep the rinse water separate from the cleaning solution, ensuring better cleaning results and a significantly higher level of hygiene than classic single buckets.


Twice is designed to facilitate operations while protecting the health of the operator: both compartments are equipped with independent drain-plugs that allow the water to flow out without having to lift the bucket, thus avoiding the efforts generally required when emptying. In addition, it is higher than traditional single buckets, which makes it possible to work in an upright position at all times, preventing incongruous postures that contribute to an increased risk of occupational diseases. Finally, the double handle is specially designed to make the bucket easier to grip and carry, keeping it stable and perfectly balanced during transport.

Twice offers maximum efficiency in storage as well: the back feet are easily removable, allowing the buckets to be piled up, saving costs.

Combining Twice with Boost allows you to get the most out of wringing while protecting the well-being of the operator: the exclusive plate wringer wrings out 20 percent more with half the effort than traditional wringers. The operator is no longer forced into repeated, intense effort, increasing the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders; with Boost, simply lowering the handle once is enough to immediately achieve the desired result in terms of mop wringing and soaking. The wringer is equipped with an innovative system that allows you to adjust the wringing level according to the amount of mop saturation you want to achieve and the type of mop in use, adapting to different needs in just a few moments.