Filmop has received a special mention in the fourth edition of the EU Emas Ecolabel Award: the Ecolabel and Ecoaudit Committee and ISPRA have recognized the company's commitment to the promotion of the EU Ecolabel, and noted the efficiency of the actions taken since the beginning of the year.

Filmop was awarded the prize "for having created a marketing campaign to spread the importance and significance of EU Ecolabel certification, making customers, i.e. distributors of professional cleaning products, and the public aware of the advantages of the EU Ecolabel". The Ecolabel and Ecoaudit Committee, and ISPRA have also pointed out that the marketing campaign is part of "a plan undertaken by the company towards an ever greater environmental sustainability".

Articles in the company magazine, newsletters, editorials and advertising in specialized magazines are just some of the marketing actions carried out with the aim of spreading the importance and significance of EU Ecolabel certification, highlighting the advantages offered by products that have obtained this prestigious label.

"We are proud of the acknowledgement received" - said Francesca Zorzo, Filmop Marketing Manager - "today, compared to the past, we have the means and the knowledge to make conscious choices for the environmental protection: pursuing sustainable development is a duty that must guide the entire market towards ever more eco-friendly supplies and services. For our part, we are committed day after day to put at the center of every project not only quality and innovation but also the protection of the environment in which we live".