Filmop has created Atlas, a special line of 50 lt bins characterized by a modern, stylish and functional design, specifically conceived to be harmoniously integrated in any environment.

Large and compact at the same time, they are incredibly user-friendly, convenient to place and aesthetically pleasing. Easy and quick to clean thanks to their smooth and round surfaces, they resist to frequent use ensuring a long-lasting service life.

Atlas bins make collection easier while respecting the environment: they are made from recycled plastic thus minimizing environmental impact and they are fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle. Besides, Atlas Press and Atlas are certified Plastic Second Life, eco-label that provides a guarantee for the consumer regarding the quality and traceability of recycled plastics used.


Atlas Press, the bin with pedal


Atlas Press makes collection convenient, practical and highly hygienic: the pedal-operated opening prevents hand contact with the surface, making it the ideal solution to ensure maximum hygiene. Cover is designed to open without touching the wall; it also stands out for soft closing that guarantees maximum silence and discretion.

Customization has no limits with Atlas bins: cover can be freely customized with images, graphics, drawings or logos to create an excellent means of communication or to fit the bin to the environment in which it is placed.



Atlas, the bin with swing cover


Atlas is equipped with a convenient swing cover that can be locked when needed to facilitate operations. The asymmetrical design ensures an anti-shock opening, avoiding collisions with the wall.

Cover can be freely customized with images, graphics, drawings or logos to adapt the bin to the environment in which it is placed or to make it an effective advertising media.

Atlas is supplied with arrangement for wall attachment and it is available in Atlas Eco version, made with high percentage of recycled plastic.



Atlas Fit, the bin with shaped over

Sorting is easy with Atlas Fit bins: the exclusive bin range stands out for shaped covers designed to make sorting waste collection intuitive and therefore easy, thus promoting recycling. Inserts are available color-coded to customize the collection of different types of waste (mixed waste, paper, glass, plastic, metal, organic waste), making handling easier.

Practical, lightweight and resistant, Atlas Fit bins are designed to be fixed to the wall to meet different collecting needs.