Filmop presents Puli-Scrub Plus Ecolabel, the exclusive ultra-microfibre mop with polypropylene inserts designed to guarantee a long washing autonomy.

The new mop is an evolution of the Puli-Scrub: it ensures the same performance characteristics that have been the success of its predecessor, but in addition it offers a high absorbency due to the greater quantity of microfibre inside.


Ideal for scrubbing and washing non-slip floors and natural terracotta, Puli-Scrub Plus Ecolabel ensures quick and deep cleaning: the extremely fine filaments that characterise the ultra-microfibre reach every microporosity of the floor, collecting and holding the dirt and releasing it later when the mop is washed. Besides, the polypropylene inserts in the mop easilyremove stubborn dirt, leaving the surface perfectly clean.


The Puli-Scrub Plus Ecolabel mop is not only the best in terms of cleanliness but also in terms of durability: the special twisting process guarantees the stability of the yarn even after several washing cycles while the backing for strap tape system is designed to withstand frequent use, ensuring a long life of the mop.

Puli-Scrub Plus Ecolabel has obtained the EU Ecolabel certification: the prestigious eco-label rewards the best eco-friendly products on the market, certifying their high-performance standards and reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle.