Filmop microfibers attract and trap dust, catch even the smallest particle of dirt and effectively remove germs and bacteria, ensuring truly unrivaled cleanliness.


The unique range ensures also maximum sustainability: the high density of the filaments generates a capillary action that guarantees high absorbency, which means a long washing autonomy and a significant water saving. Besides, microfibers are more resistant to washing than natural yarns: the characteristic durability allows to rationalize the consumption of resources related to production and disposal, thus minimizing the impact on the ecosystem. Lastly, the entire range is made using solar energy derived from the complex of photovoltaic systems installed at the company's headquarters, thus avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of about 110 tons of CO2 per year.


Sustainability throughout the entire life cycle has led to several lines of cloths and mops being awarded the prestigious EU Ecolabel certification, the European Union mark that rewards the best low impact products. The EU Ecolabel microfibers range includes Rapido Super and Rapido Super Extra high-performance mops for washing inside floors, Twist-Tuft ultra-microfiber mop with high cleaning power for any type of floor, Micro-Activa mop for frequent washing of smooth surfaces and Puli-Scrub, Puli-Scrub Plus, Puli-Brush mops for scrubbing and washing non-slip floors. The certified range also includes the exclusive double-sided mops: Duo Face Wash Basic for cleaning all kind of surfaces and Duo Face Wash Basic / Brush and Duo Face Wash / Brush mops, ideal for non-slip wet mopping.