An important innovation in the field of environmental protection is coming in 2021: the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) approved at the beginning of the year aims to limit the environmental impact of cleaning and sanitising activities by promoting the use of raw materials of recycled origin and encouraging the use of products and systems that reduce the consumption of cleaning solutions and disinfectants. They also value manual rather than mechanical operations to further minimise the carbon footprint of the service.

The Minimum Environmental Criteria have been updated considering the current state of progress at technical level and the natural evolution of the reference market, paying particular attention to the EU Ecolabel and Second Life Plastic certifications that prove the sustainability of the equipment.


The new decree will come into force 120 days after publication in the Official Gazette and will include technical specifications, contractual clauses and rewarding criteria defined to make professional cleaning even more rigorous and environmentally sustainable using products and systems that reduce the impact on the ecosystem while ensuring maximum efficiency.


Soaking systems

The new CAMs confirm the importance of using dosing systems that avoid the subjectivity of the operators regarding the degree of dampness of the mops and ensure the reduction of water and chemical consumption. The specific contractual clause in both annexes emphasises the need to soak floor mops before the cleaning service is carried out.


Equodose fully meets these requirements: the practical dosing device allows you to soak the mops on demand, dosing the cleaning solution from 50 to 350 ml depending on the surface to be cleaned. With Equodose you can prepare the required cleaning mops one by one, soaking only the side that gets into contact with the surface, thus ensuring maximum savings of cleaning solution. The adjustable ring nut and the graduated tank are equipped with a removable key to prevent any external alterations or improper use of the system, making it extremely safe. Equodose is available in one or two tank versions and can be combined with Alpha trolleys.

Filmop offers a highly professional solution also for the pre-soaking of mops: The Top-Down system allows to pre-soak the mops used for floor cleaning using special buckets available in colour code, complete with ergonomic handle and hermetic cover that ensures the effectiveness of the cleaning solution. Top-Down buckets are available in 8, 10, 14 and 20 litre versions and can be combined with trolleys from the Alpha, Morgan, Arka and Vega lines.


Washing systems

Although soaking on demand solutions are currently recommended, the new CAMs specify a few situations in which other washing systems can be used as they are considered particularly appropriate: for large areas with wet dirt or greasy or encrusted dirt where rinsing is requiredtrolleys equipped with a wringer and two buckets or a two-bucket trolley can be used. It is recommended to keep clean and dirty water separate by changing the rinsing water as often as necessary.

Filmop was the first Italian manufacturer to consider the separation of clean and rinsing water as a basic prerequisite for professional cleaning: today the company offers a wide range of washing trolleys that fully meet this requirement, guaranteeing a high standard of hygiene. There is a wide range of solutions: from the most compact trolleys to quickly clean even the smallest spaces to the best equipped trolleys to meet all specific cleaning needs.


Textiles for cleaning

Reusable, flat and microfibre: these are the requirements set out in the contractual clauses of the new CAM for textile products for cleaning floors, glass, mirrors, and surfaces in general. Microfibre is recommended over other fibres as it reduces water and chemical consumption by 95% due to its high absorbency, making it a highly efficient solution.

Filmop offers a wide range of microfiber cloths and mops that allow to effectively clean any kind of surface: the very thin filaments that characterize the whole range penetrate the microporosity of the surface capturing the dirt and releasing it only when the textiles are washed. The high collection capacity also allows the removal of germs and bacteria, ensuring maximum hygiene.


The new CAMs pay special attention to environmental certifications, a guarantee of sustainability: 30% of microfibre textiles must have a label compliant with UNI EN ISO 14024, such as EU Ecolabel, while exclusive use is considered a rewarding criterion.

Filmop has obtained for several lines of cloths and mops the prestigious EU Ecolabel certification: the European Union's environmental quality mark identifies the best products with low environmental impact after analysing their sustainability throughout their life cycle through a very selective set of parameters.


Textiles for dusting

To reduce the use of resources and optimise the waste cycle, Annex 1 on the cleaning of buildings and rooms for civil use requires the exclusive use of recycled textiles for dusting operations.

Filmop's 100% cotton, normal cotton and first-rate cotton mops comply with the Minimum Environmental Criteria as they are made from recycled cotton.


The unique range ensures highly effective dry mopping: unlike traditional systems that lift dust into the air and deposit it back on the surface, the cotton mops attract, capture, and hold even the smallest dust particles.

Filmop cotton mops are available in different sizes, from a minimum of 40 cm to a maximum of 160 cm, to meet all dusting needs.


Trolleys with recycled plastic buckets

The new CAMs promote the recycling of raw materials by requiring the exclusive use of trolleys with buckets and any other containers made of plastic recycled at least 50% of the weight. In addition, buckets and bins must be of different colours according to their intended use. As stated in the specific contractual clause, products are compliant if they have a certification of recycled content, such as Plastic Second Life.


Filmop is proud to be the first Italian company in the cleaning equipment sector to have obtained the Plastic Second Life certification, issued by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics (IPPR). The company currently offers a wide range of products with PSV-certified components, including several lines of trolleys with buckets made from top-quality recycled polypropylene. The special composition guarantees the same durability, lightness, and reliability over time as products made from first-use polypropylene, while ensuring greater sustainability.

Filmop's equipment ensures a reduced environmental impact even at the end of its life: the entire plastic range, completely made in Italy, is 100% recyclable.