How much does floor cleaning generally play a part in cleaning plans and what solutions make the task easier?


Our experts answer.

Would you consider floor-cleaning and floorcare to be a major component of any cleaning regime? Roughly what percentage of the cleaner’s time would you say this task takes up?

Floor cleaning is of course important and involves separate operations, starting with dusting and then moving on to washing and sometimes concluding with disinfection if required. As a result, the percentage of time spent could be estimated at an average of 40 to 50. However, it may increase or decrease depending on the environment to be cleaned; kindergartens for example require more frequent floor cleaning than cinemas, even several times during the same day. Furthermore, the guidelines adopted directly affect the time spent on each operation.


How important is floorcare compared with other tasks? Can a dirty floor become a health and safety issue?

Floor cleaning is just as important as surface cleaning; both must be carried out carefully and with professional tools that are up to the task.

A dirty floor is an unsafe floor for the user, as it becomes a means of spreading bacteria. One gram of dust can in fact contain up to one and a half million bacteria, becoming a health problem as it rises from the floor onto surfaces.

Similarly, when one considers that the floor determines 5-10% of a building's value, the importance of proper and constant maintenance becomes immediately clear. Looking ahead, a well and frequently cleaned floor is not a cost but an investment in time.


What can be done to lighten the cleaner’s floor-cleaning load? For example, can cleaning robots and ergonomic systems help to take the strain?

Robots are certainly suitable for cleaning large areas such as supermarkets and airports, but there are costs involved.

Manual equipment designed according to ergonomic principles protects the operator and increases productivity, resulting in a lower cost over time and an undoubted investment in health.


What products does Filmop offer that ease the task of floor-cleaning for staff?

ErgoSwing system consisting of a telescopic handle with turning grips and a mop holder with an ergonomic joint guarantees less fatigue and greater productivity, while offering high floor cleaning performance.

The innovative system significantly reduces wrist movements compared to traditional systems and allows correct posture to be maintained during floor cleaning, preventing the onset of musculoskeletal problems and diseases.