In order to face safely the Covid-19 emergency it is very important to sanitize and disinfect regularly surfaces and environments. Cleaning equipment, especially the cleaning trolleys, are the main tools helping the operator during the sanitizing process, but at the same time they could become a vehicle of contagion and transmission of bacteria: this is why it is fundamental an accurate daily sanitizing of the cleaning equipment.

Filmop manual equipment and trolleys have always been manufactured with high-intensity Polypropylene; consequently, all components, such as wheels, grips, doors, walls and drawers, are easier to clean.

Moreover, the non-porous surfaces don’t absorb dirt.

Besides all these advantages, Filmop assures the highest hygiene with A-B Plus: a complete cleaning system composed of trolley, wet mop holder, telescopic handle and microfibre flat mop for the cleaning of floors and surfaces, all of them treated with antibacterial additives in order to slow down the proliferation of bacteria, molds and fungi.

The A-B Plus flat mop and the Multi-T cloth are made of microfibre treated with silver ions, while the plastic components of the A-B Plus cleaning equipment are treated with pyrithione zinc; both of them are not dangerous and regularly tested in order to assure health protection.


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