Two and a half years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) called the spread of Covid-19 a global pandemic, which last month reached 590,659,276 confirmed cases worldwide.


Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 occurs through droplets, large respiratory particles, and by direct or indirect contact. Environmental contamination, a potential indirect mode of infection, is considered in all respects a possible source of infection and viral spread, so it is essential to put in place all necessary measures to counter virus transmission, including regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and environments. To this end, special attention should be paid to the common areas of buildings such as bathrooms, halls, corridors and elevators, likewise it is recommended to frequently clean the most frequently touched surfaces such as faucets, door handles, switches, handrails, chairs and tables.

Cleaning is a key point in preventing the spread of Coronavirus, so the equipment used must be up to the delicate task it is called upon to perform. For this reason, Filmop decided to arrange for an external microbiology laboratory to test the viral removal capacity of different types of mops.


Rapido, Rapido Super Extra, A-B Plus, Micro-Activa, Wash Basic and Active-Fur floor microfibers, Mono-Tex disposable microfiber, and Eco Multi-T surface microfiber passed with flying colors the rigorous test carried out by the independent laboratory: in fact, the analysis found efficacy in viral removal by all tested textile products moistened with only sterile water before their use. In particular, the test showed up to 99.9 percent removal of Human Coronavirus 229E from steel surfaces, establishing the undisputed ability of Filmop microfibers to effectively counteract the spread of Covid-19.