Floor sweeping is simple and effective with Filmop's dustbins intended for use with the appropriate broom.

The Jobby dustbin with cover is ideal for any kind of environments where dusting and sweeping are required. The blade adheres perfectly to the floor making it easier to collect even the finest dust, preventing dirt and bacteria from getting in thanks to closed-cell rubber manufacturing. The serrated edge allows an easy remove of the dirt from the broom while the vertical system of this dustpan avoids the leak of the dirt.


Made of shock-proof plastic material, which ensures high resistance to frequent use, it can be easily stored in small spaces after cleaning, thanks to its reduced dimensions.

Jobby dustbin is also available with an aluminum telescopic handle to facilitate collection operations and protect health. The possibility of adjusting the length of the handle according to the height of the operator prevents the onset of occupational diseases due to the repeated assumption of incorrect postures.

The dustpan Pocker with wheels is ideal for the collection of rubbish both in the industrial and domestic field. Equipped with a rubber blade to adapt to any type of floor, has a collection capacity of 15 liters. The high-quality polypropylene copolymer fabrication makes it lightweight and shock-proof.

Pocker has a practical handle and 80 mm wheels for better ergonomics and practicality of use and transport. The dustpan is also available in the 4-wheel version for easier maneuverability and handling, particularly during the collection of waste.

Jobby and Pocker simplifies the cleaning operations respecting the environment: they are both made of separable materials and, consequently, recyclable at the end of its life.