Boost optimizes wringing, reducing drastically the efforts: the unique flat wringer wrings 20% more with half the effort compared to traditional wringers. A careful design has allowed to obtain matchless results, not only in terms of wringing but also in terms of health protection: cleaning becomes more efficient and faster while increasing operator well-being.

Specially designed to be used with 40 cm mops of the Filmop range, Boost can be matched to any Filmop trolley line and to the special range of wringer buckets. In addition, it is available color-coded for proper risk management.



More efficient by wringing

Boost ensures ideal squeezing every time, maximizing cleaning performance and minimizing cleaning time and costs. The plate applies a deep and uniform pressure on the flat mop, obtaining a complete wringing and a uniform distribution of the cleaning solution on the surface to clean, ensuring the best result in terms of cleaning and hygiene.

Performance of the wringer is steady over time: Boost allows you to always get the desired result in terms of wringing and soaking of the flat mop, whatever the pressure applied to the handle.


More health for operator

Boost protects the health and well-being of the operator who is no longer forced to make an intense and repeated effort increasing the probability of suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.

With Boost, it is the wringer that makes the effort while the operator simply has to guide the handle to the end of the stroke.

Unlike traditional wringers that force the operator to repeat the operation several times to achieve the desired result, with Boost it is sufficient to lower the handle just one time to obtain the ideal wringing.


Maximum versatility

Boost meets different wringing needs: it is characterized by an innovative adjustment system that allows to optimize the level of wringing according to the degree of humidity you want to obtain and the type of flat mop in use. Thanks to the total absence of screws, it is possible to adjust the bushings adapting the wringing level to long-looped flat mops. Similarly, in a few seconds you can switch from the standard position designed for a wringing level meant for a damper mop to a more intense wringing level to get a less damp mop.

Boost ensures optimal squeezing respecting the environment: it reduces the operator’s discretion in choosing the degree of flat mop soaking, with a greater control over the consumption of water and detergent solution.