Filmop has created a revolutionary system that overcomes all limits: Globo is the first and only universal wet mopping system that can be used like any traditional system, achieving superior results in terms of performance, ergonomics and hygiene.


Globo suits the aim and the operator, and not vice versa: the innovative system is designed to meet needs, preferences and habits, optimizing operations without forcing to change habits.

It is made up of a foldable mop holder and a mop with micro flaps, which makes easier the cleaning operations, protects the operator’s health and grants high hygienic standards.


One system, many advantages

Globo is ideal for cleaning in environments where it is necessary to ensure a high standard of hygiene as it is a completely touch-free system: the fixing and releasing of the mop takes place without hand contact with dirty fibers and potentially contaminated surfaces, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.


Intuitive, simple and efficient, it does not require complicated procedures: the frame is designed to remain partially open to ensure quick set-up. In addition, the system facilitates and speeds up the fixing and releasing of the mop, ensuring a considerable saving of time and effort compared to traditional systems that require time-consuming operations.

Thanks to Globo, the operator always works in conditions of maximum ergonomics: the exclusive system avoids continuous bending and unsuitable postures during cleaning operations, thus preventing fatigue and the onset over time of occupational diseases with their related costs.


High performance microfibers

Globo's microfiber mops allow you to clean any type of surface: the very thin filaments that characterize the entire range penetrate into the microporosity of the floor capturing the dirt and releasing it only when the textile is washed. The high collection capacity also allows removing germs and bacteria, ensuring maximum hygiene.


The special range includes microfibers certified with the EU Ecolabel, the European Union's environmental quality mark that certifies low environmental impact and high performance standards.

Filmop's offer meets the requirements indicated in the new CAM for cleaning and sanitizing services, which require flat, reusable and microfiber products, rewarding the use of products in possession of a label compliant with UNI EN ISO 14024, such as the EU Ecolabel.


Maximum versatility ensured

Globo can be used with any wet mopping system: from pre-soaking with Top-Down buckets to soaking on-demand with Equodose mechanical dispenser and with wringing systems, provided by CAM in the presence of wet dirt of large dimensions or greasy or encrusted dirt in environments where rinsing is required.


Combining Globo with Boost allows you to combine the advantages of the universal system with those of the new wringer by Filmop, optimizing the entire cleaning process and reducing at the same time the efforts: Boost wrings 20% more with half the effort compared to traditional wringers. The intensity of wringing can be adjusted on the spot according to the type of mop and the surface to be cleaned, obtaining high performance over time.