Brilliant window cleaning system is the ideal solution for the cleaning of vertical smooth surfaces like interior window cleaning, mirrors, stainless steel surfaces, lacquered surfaces and painted doors.

The light and handy mop holder and the ultra-microfiber mop, combined with a specific alcoholic-based detergent for surfaces, guarantee shining surfaces with just one wipe.


Thanks to its excellent features, the specific ultra-microfiber mop removes fingerprints, smears, dust particles and dirt with excellent cleaning results.

The use of a flat mop holder guarantees a considerable working time reduction in comparison with traditional hand cleaning systems and a perfect adherence of the mop holder to the surface.

Brilliant is available in the version with mop holder with hand grip for easily accessible shiny surfaces as well as in the version with mop holder combined with telescopic handle to safely reach also the highest areas, in both cases it ensures maximum ergonomics by making surface cleaning practical and convenient.