At a time when environmental protection is an imperative, turning waste into resources becomes a priority: the circular economy advocated by the European Union calls for the recycling of materials so that they can be reused again within the production cycle, thereby reducing the impact on the environment, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Filmop's commitment to recycling has led to the development of several products aimed at making recycling simpler and more effective. AlphaSplit is a highly innovative tool for this purpose: AlphaSplit is the first and only trolley in the market that offers up to 8 different compartments for waste collection. The 90 L bag holder equipped with pull-out drawer allows to have one waste collection unit with a specific compartment for each kind of rubbish. In addition, the upper bag holder and the lower drawer have been designed with removable dividers to allow the maximum freedom of customization.

AlphaSplit trolleys are partially made of plastic components certified PSV - Plastic Second Life by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics (IPPR) since they are manufactured with a minimum of 30% recycled plastics deriving exclusively from qualified suppliers.

Filmop completes the range of green products for waste collection with several bins with color coding system, designed to facilitate proper waste management. Resistant to shocks and frequent use, the containers of the PolarisPatty and Sirius lines guarantee a long service life. In addition, they feature smooth surfaces that prevent dirt from being absorbed and make cleaning easier.

The containers are made in part from PSV-certified components and allow for complete recycling at end of life.